50 Paise Jawaharlal Nehru Coin (English) Value

50 Paise Jawaharlal Nehru Commemorative Coin were minted by the Indian government during the year 1964.  These coins were minted in the alloy of Nickel. It is Circular in shape. Note that the official weight of this coin is 5.0 grams and the thickness is 1.75 mm. The diameter is 24mm.

The 50 Paise Jawaharlal Nehru Coin (English) holds great historical significance and value for collectors and enthusiasts. Featuring the portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, this coin is a cherished piece of numismatic history.


The coin was minted to honor Jawaharlal Nehru, a pivotal figure in India's struggle for independence and the country's first Prime Minister. The coin serves as a reminder of Nehru's contributions to India's development and his vision for a modern, progressive nation.

Price and Value:

The value of the 50 Paise Jawaharlal Nehru Coin varies based on its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. Some collectors may value it for its historical significance, while others may seek it to complete their coin collections. The price of the coin can fluctuate based on market demand and the overall condition of the coin itself.

Collectors and enthusiasts often find joy in owning pieces of history, and the 50 Paise Jawaharlal Nehru Coin is no exception. Its cultural and historical significance make it a prized possession for many.

In conclusion, the 50 Paise Jawaharlal Nehru Coin is a valuable and historical artifact that holds immense significance for collectors and admirers of Indian history. Whether for its historical importance or its place in a numismatic collection, this coin continues to be a sought-after piece for many.

* Price based on market averages

50 Paise Jawaharlal Nehru Coin Main Features

Year : 1889 - 1964

Metal: Nickel

Weight: 5 gram

Size: 24mm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Shape : Circular

Edge : Milled

Release Date : 14 - 11 - 1964

Circulation Date : 1964

Obverse: The obverse of the coin depicts the lion head of the Ashoka pillar, the word "Bharat" in Hindi in the upper left circle and the word "India" in English in the upper right circle. It has the value "50" in international numerals below a lion capital in the lower left periphery with the word "PAISA" in Hindi and the word "PAISE" in English in the lower right periphery.

jawaharlal nehru 50 paise coin obverse

Reverse: Jawaharlal Nehru's face left at centre, English legend "Jawaharlal Nehru" in upper periphery. The year "1889 - 1964" is in the lower periphery of the international numbers.

50 paise coin jawaharlal nehru Reverse

Mumbai Mintage: 2,19,00,000

Price : F : 5 to 10 VF : 10 to 15 XF: 20 to 25 UNC: 35 to 50

Kolkata Mintage: 71,60,000

Price : F : 10 to 15 VF : 20 to 25 XF: 30 to 40 UNC: 50 to 75


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