Foreign Coin List Information and Value

Foreign coin collection is one of the most famous and popular, oldest hobbies in the world. Now a days millions of people collect coin from all over the world. Some people invest large amount of budgets for purchasing coins and other exchange coins. The study of coins is called as numismatic.

Foreign coin collection is an enjoyable hobby. We can study about different countries of coins in large manner. Coins are made up of different types of metals, denominations, mints, year and size. 

The purpose of collecting coins is not only becoming rich but we have to know the value of the coin, beauty of the coin artwork, metal, history, weight and rarity.

Basic information about coins

A coin has two sides.  They are the head obverse and the tail, reverse. The feature of coins are image, portrait and mint of the year. Mint of the year tell about when the coin was created.  This will be in the obverse side of the coin.  We can see the face value and the denomination of the coin on the reverse side of the coin. Raised area around the coin is called as rim.  The rim is different from the edge, which is ornamented, grooved and plain in some other types of coin.  The other part of the coin tells about legend it describes about the inscription. This inscription is based on date of issuing the coin and face value of the coin.

Australia 5 Cents - Elizabeth II 4th Portrait Obverse
Australia Coins List
Singapore Twenty or 20 Cents Coin Obverse
Singapore Coins List
Germany Federal Republic coin
Germany Coins
Malaysia 5 Sen Coin Reverse
Malaysia Coins
Sri Lanka 25 Cents reverse
Sri Lanka Coins
Canada Ten or 10 Cents Coin Year : 1995  Reverse
Canada Coin for Sale
Saudi Arabia Ten or 10 Halala Coin Reverse
Saudi Arabia Coins for Sale
Belgium Coin
Belgium Coin for Sale
China China One or 1 Jiao Coin Reverse

China Coin for Sale

Colombia Ten or 10 Pesos Coin Obverse
Colombia Coins for Sale
France Twenty or 20 Centimes Coin Obverse
France Coins for Sale
Hong Kong One or 1 Dollar Coin Obverse
Hong Kong Coins for Sale
Italy 200 Lire Italian Naval League Obverse
Italy Coins for Sale
Japan Ten or 10 Yen Coin Reverse
Japan Coins for Sale
Kuwait 10 Fils Coin - Abdullah III / Sabah III / Jaber III / Sabah IV  Obverse
Kuwait Coins for Sale
Maldives 2 Rufiyaa non-magnetic Reverse
Maldives Coin for Sale
Madagascar 5 Francs  Reverse
Madagascar Coin for Sale
Mauritius 20 Cents  Reverse
Mauritius Coin for Sale
Oman 50 Baisa - Qaboos National Day Obverse
Oman Coin for Sale
Philippines 1 Piso Magnetic Obverse
Philippines Coin for Sale
Poland 5 Groszy non-magnetic Obverse
Poland Coin for Sale
South Africa 2 Rand Union Buildings Obverse
South Africa Coin for Sale
Spain Coin 1 Pesta Reverse
Spain Coin for Sale
Spain 1 Peseta - Juan Carlos I Coin Reverse
Turkey Coin for Sale
United Arab Emirates 25 Fils - Zayed / Khalifa non-magnetic Obverse
United Arab Emirates Coin for Sale
England Coins 10 Pence - Elizabeth II 4th portrait; Royal Shield, non-magnetic Obverse
England Coins for Sale
US Coins ¼ Dollar "Washington Quarter"  Reverse
US Coin for Sale
Russian Coins 15 Kopecks Obverse
Russian Coins for Sale
Russian Coins 10 Kopecks Reverse
Qatar Coins for Sale
South Korea 100 Won 2015 obverse
South Korea Coin
Austria Coin 1 Schilling 1971 obverse
Austria Coins List
Afghanistan Coin 1 Afghani reverse 2004
Afghanistan Coins List
Argentina coin 5 Pesos obverse 1976
Argentina Coins List
Aruba Coin 5 Cents 2013 obverse
Aruba Coins List
Armenia Coin 10 Luma 1994 Obverse
Armenia Coins List
Angola 1 Kwanza coin 1979 Obverse
Angola Coins List
Algeria Coin 20 Centimes FAO 1972 Reverse
Algeria Coins List
Brunei Coin List
Brunei Coin List
Bahrain 10 Fils 1965 Coin Reverse
Bahrain Coin List
Bangladesh Coin 1 Taka
Bangladesh Coin List
Bhutan Coin List
Bhutan Coin List
Botswana Coin List
Brazil Coin List
Barbados Coins List
(Burma) Coins of Myanmar List
Burundi Coins List
Cayman Islands Coins List
Cook Islands Coins List
Czech Republic Coins List
Croatia Coins List
Central Africa Coin List
Cuba Coin List
Czechoslovakia Coin List
Chile Coins List
Denmark Coin List
Egypt Coin List
Ethiopia Coin List
Nepal Coin List
Fiji Coin List
Finland Coin List
Georgia Coin List
Guatemala Coin List
Guyana Coin List
Ghana Coin List
Greece Coin List
Iraq Coins List
Iran Coins List
Israel Coin List
Isle of Man Coin List
Ireland Coin List
Indonesia Coin List
Jordan Coins List

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