5 Rupees Mahatma Basaveshwara (Copper-nickel) Coin Value Year : 2006

5 Rupees Mahatma Basaveshwara coin were minted by the Indian government during the year 2006.  These coins were minted in the alloy of Copper Nickel. It is Round in shape. Note that the official weight of this coin is 9 grams and the thickness is 3 mm. The diameter is 28mm.

5 Rupees Mahatma Basaveshwara (Copper-nickel) Coin Value Year : 2006 history price and value

Mahatma Basaveshwara, a revered saint, statesman, and philosopher, holds a significant place in Indian history. The 5 Rupees Mahatma Basaveshwara coin, minted in Copper-nickel in the year 2006, serves as a tribute to his enduring legacy.

The coin features a portrait of Mahatma Basaveshwara on the obverse side, symbolizing his contribution to social reform and equality. The reverse side displays the denomination of 5 Rupees along with the year of minting, encapsulating the historical significance of the coin.

In terms of value, the 5 Rupees Mahatma Basaveshwara coin is cherished not only for its monetary worth but also for its cultural and historical importance. Collectors and numismatists alike seek to acquire this coin to add to their collections, thereby contributing to its demand and value in the market.

For enthusiasts and collectors, the 5 Rupees Mahatma Basaveshwara coin is a prized possession that encapsulates the spirit of a remarkable individual and serves as a tangible piece of history. Its value extends beyond its monetary denomination, making it an invaluable artifact for those passionate about numismatics and Indian heritage.

As we reflect on the significance of Mahatma Basaveshwara and his contributions to society, the 5 Rupees Mahatma Basaveshwara coin stands as a testament to his enduring legacy, inspiring admiration and reverence among collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

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5 Rs Mahatma Basaveshwara Coin Main Features

Period : 2006

Metal: Copper Nickel

Weight: 9.0 gram

Size: 28mm

Thickness: 3mm

Shape : Round

Edge : Security

Release Date : 23-06-2006

Circulation Date : 2008

Obverse: The obverse of the coin depicts "Satyameva Jayate" below the lion head of the Ashoka Pillar, the word "Bharat" in Hindi in the upper left periphery and the word "India" in the upper right periphery. ” in English. It has the value "5" in international numerals below a lion capital on the left valentine periphery with the word "Rupiya" in Hindi and the word "Rupees" in English on the lower right periphery. There are 52 beads in the circumference.

Reverse: This face of the coin depicts the image of “Mahatma Basaveshwara” in the upper left periphery “Mahatma Basaveshwara” in Hindi and “Mahatma Basaveshwara” in the upper right periphery in English. The words “भक्ति - कायक - दासोह - समता” in Hindi are shown below the portrait. There are 52 beads on the rim.

Mumbai Mintage: 21,02,000

Price : F : 10 to 15 VF : 20 to 25 XF: 30 to 40 UNC: 60 to 65


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