5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March (Copper-nickel) Coin Value Year : 1930 - 2005

5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March coin were minted by the Indian government during the year 2005.  These coins were minted in the alloy of Copper Nickel. It is Round in shape. Note that the official weight of this coin is 9 grams and the thickness is 3 mm. The diameter is 28mm.

5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March (Copper-nickel) Coin Value Year: 1930 - 2005 History Price and Value

The 5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March (Copper-nickel) coin holds significant historical and numismatic value. This commemorative coin was minted to honor the 75th anniversary of the iconic Dandi March, a pivotal event in India's struggle for independence. The Dandi March, also known as the Salt Satyagraha, was led by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930 to protest against the British salt monopoly.

Issued in 2005, this coin encapsulates the spirit of the Dandi March and is a cherished collectible among numismatists and history enthusiasts. The obverse of the coin features the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi with the inscription "सत्याग्रही सलाम" in Devanagari script, symbolizing reverence for the Satyagrahis who participated in the historic march. The reverse side depicts the Salt Satyagraha with Mahatma Gandhi leading the marchers, capturing the essence of this momentous event.

In terms of value, the 5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March coin has both historical and monetary significance. Its historical value lies in its representation of India's freedom struggle and the enduring legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. From a numismatic perspective, this coin is sought after by collectors due to its limited mintage and intrinsic historical relevance.

Determining the precise value of this coin can depend on various factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand in the numismatic market. Collectors and enthusiasts often seek well-preserved specimens of this coin to add to their collections, and coins in uncirculated condition may command higher prices.

For those interested in acquiring or evaluating this coin, it is advisable to consult reputable numismatic resources or experts in the field. Additionally, attending coin shows, auctions, or connecting with established coin dealers can provide valuable insights into the market value and demand for the 5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March coin.

As we commemorate the enduring legacy of the Dandi March, this coin serves as a tangible link to a pivotal moment in India's history and a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who participated in the struggle for independence.

Whether as a treasured collectible or a symbol of historical significance, the 5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March (Copper-nickel) coin continues to hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

As always, the value of such a coin extends beyond its monetary worth, serving as a reminder of the sacrifices and determination that shaped the course of history.

In conclusion, the 5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March coin stands as a poignant tribute to the legacy of the Salt Satyagraha and the enduring principles of truth and nonviolence championed by Mahatma Gandhi.

For collectors and enthusiasts, this coin represents a tangible connection to a defining chapter in India's history and a cherished addition to any numismatic collection.

Let the 5 Rupees 75 Years of Dandi March coin serve as a reminder of the timeless ideals that continue to inspire and resonate with people around the world.

* Price based on market averages

5 Rs Lal Bahadur Shastri Birth Centenary Coin Main Features

Period : 1904 - 2004

Metal: Copper Nickel

Weight: 9.0 gram

Size: 28mm

Thickness: 3mm

Shape : Round

Edge : Security

Release Date : 02-10-2005

Circulation Date : 2008

Obverse: The obverse of the coin depicts "Satyameva Jayate" below the lion head of the Ashoka Pillar, the word "Bharat" in Hindi in the upper left periphery and the word "India" in the upper right periphery. ” in English. It has the value "5" in international numerals below a lion capital on the left valentine periphery with the word "Rupiya" in Hindi and the word "Rupees" in English on the lower right periphery. There are 52 beads in the circumference.

Reverse: The obverse of this coin depicts the image of “Mahatma Gandhi Marching”. With the words “Thandi Yatra Ke 75 Years” in Hindi on the top left periphery and “75 Years of Thandi March” in English on the top right periphery. The year 1930 - 2005 is shown below in the international numbers. There are 52 beads on the rim.

Mumbai Mintage:

Price : F : 700 to 900 VF : 1000 to 1200 XF: 1500 to 2000 UNC: 2500 to 2600


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