2 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee Coin Value

2 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee coin were minted by the Indian government during the year 2010.  These coins were minted in the alloy of Stainless Steel. It is Round in shape. Note that the official weight of this coin is 5.62 grams and the thickness is 1.5 mm. The diameter is 27mm.

The 2 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee Coin holds significant historical and numismatic value. This special commemorative coin was released to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Reserve Bank of India. The coin is a symbol of the central bank's enduring legacy and its role in shaping India's economy.

The face value of the coin is 2 Rupees, but its historical and numismatic significance far surpasses this nominal amount. The coin features iconic imagery and symbols that are deeply rooted in India's history and culture, making it a prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts.

Due to its limited mintage and historical importance, the 2 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee Coin has garnered attention from numismatists and collectors worldwide. Its value goes beyond its face value, and it is often sought after for its rarity and significance in the numismatic community.

The coin's value in the numismatic market can vary based on factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand. Collectors and enthusiasts value this coin not only for its historical significance but also for its aesthetic appeal and cultural resonance.

For those interested in acquiring this commemorative coin, it is essential to conduct thorough research and, if possible, seek guidance from experienced numismatists. Understanding the coin's history, significance, and market value can help collectors make informed decisions when buying, selling, or trading this numismatic treasure.

In conclusion, the 2 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee Coin stands as a testament to the rich history and enduring legacy of the Reserve Bank of India. Its historical significance and numismatic value make it a prized addition to any collection, serving as a tangible link to India's economic and cultural heritage.

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2 Rs Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee Coin Main Features

Period : 1935 - 2010

Metal: Stainless Steel

Weight: 5.62 gram

Size: 27mm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Shape : Round

Edge : Plain

Release Date : 01-04-2010

Circulation Date : 12-11-2010

Obverse: The obverse of the coin depicts "Satyameva Jayate" below the lion head of the Ashoka Pillar, the word "Bharat" in Hindi in the upper left periphery and the word "India" in the upper right periphery. ” in English. It has the value "2" in international numerals below a lion capital on the left valentine periphery with the word "Rupiya" in Hindi and the word "Rupees" in English on the lower right periphery.

2 Rs Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee Coin

Reverse: The reverse of the coin bears the emblem of the Reserve Bank of India, i.e. palm tree tiger and inscription " भारतीय रिज़र्व बैंक " in Hindi, on the left periphery and in English "REVERSE BANK OF INDIA" on the right periphery " प्लैटिनम जयंती " in Hindi and "Platinum Jubilee" in English with the year "1935 - 2010" engraved below the emblem. .

2 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee Coin

Kolkata Mintage:

Price : F : 6 to 7 VF : 8 to 10 XF: 12 to 17 UNC: 50 to 60

Hyderabad Mintage:

Price : F : 60 to 70 VF : 80 to 100 XF: 120 to 170 UNC: 220 to 300

Mumbai Mintage:

Price : F : 10 to 20 VF : 50 to 75 XF: 100 to 150 UNC: 150 to 200


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