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Malwa was subjugated by Sultan Iltumish of Delhi and again by Ghiyasuddin Balban. The province was finally brought under the control of Delhi by Alauddin Muhammad Khilji in 1305AD and remained so for about a century. In 1401 AD, Dilawar Khan Ghori, who had been appointed governor of Malwa ten years earlier by Muhammad Ibn Firoz of the Tughluq dynasty, declared his independence. But he does not appear to have issued any coins. This prerogative was first asserted by his son and successor, Alb Khan, who, on becoming ruler, assumed the name of Hoshang Shah. He was succeeded by his son Muhammad I in 1432 AD. He was poisoned and his minister Mahmud Khilji (1436AD) usurped the throne. He was followed by Ghiyas Shah (1468-1500 AD) and Nasir Shah (1500-10). In 1510AD the civil war was confirmed and there was a steady decline during the reign of the next ruler Mahmud II. In 1530AD Bahadur Shah of Gujarat captured the capital Mandu and Malwa became a province of the Gujarat Sultanate for four years. It was later captured by the Mughal ruler Humayun. Qadir Shah (1536 – 1542AD) was the next governor of Gujarat to rule. He surrendered to Sher Shah Suri in 1542 AD, who appointed Shuja Khan as his governor in Malwa. Finally, Baz Bahadur, son of Shuja Khan, ruled Malwa from 1554 to 1560AD when it was conquered by Akbar and turned into a Mughal province.

The first seven kings of Malwa, except the founder, struck coins in gold, silver and copper. Copper coins, exclusively, were issued by Muhammad II the Rebel (1510-11AD), Bahadur Shah of Gujarat and the last ruler Baz Bahadur. Mahmud Khilji introduced the billon, which was used by his three successors. A characteristic feature of Malwa coinage is the square shape, which was introduced by Mahmud Khilji. Earlier kings used the regular circular shape. Both Mahmud and his successor Ghiyas Shah issued round and square coins; But the square form was used exclusively from the reign of Nasir Shah.

The gold and silver coins of the first two rulers follow the Delhi style and bear the names and titles of the divided kings on both sides, with the date and the name of the coin on one side of the margin. Mahmud I introduced a device on the reverse which divided the face of the coin into two equal parts by extending the tail of the last syllable ye of his name Khilji's. Ghiyas Shah used the same band on both obverses, and it appears on all subsequent coins in both designs. Mahmud I and Qiyas Shah used elaborate titles in their inscriptions. The former called himself al-Sultan al-Tzam ala-ud-duniya wa din abu-Muzaffur Sikandar-al-Shani Yamin-al-Khilafat Nasir Amir-al-Momnin (the Mighty King, the Conqueror, the Exalted in Faith and in the World, Alexander the Second, Right of the Caliphate Kai, protector of the Commander of the Faithful). Others were less hypocritical. Abu'l-Mujahid, Abu'l-Fath, al-Basil, al-Wasiq bi-al-Samad lam yisli (Trust in God, the Eternal) are the titles and motifs found on their coins. Satyabad (Mandu) was the only mint to issue coins and its name appears on the coins of earlier rulers. The name of the mint does not appear since the time of Nasir Shah. During the reign of Ghiyas Shah, a series of ornaments appeared on the coins; Its purpose is uncertain.

The weight of gold and silver coins followed the standard of 170 grains of the Delhi Sultans, and coins of half weight were also issued. But there are some exceptional coins. A five gold coin of Mahmud Shah dated 868AH is in a private collection in the Netherlands. Later bought in Delhi. These fragments show that the Khilji rulers of Malwa followed the Sultans of their own stock, who issued high denomination coins from Delhi. A few gold coins of the mihrabi form are also known; Coins of this design were later issued by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Copper coins follow a weight standard of 140 grains, with its sub-division. During the final years of Ghiyas Shah, some coins were issued weighing 176 grains and its half and quarter close to 88 and 44 grains respectively.

Malwa Sultanate Rulers List

The Ghurid/Ghorid dynasty (1401–36)

Dilawar Khan Ghuri 1401–1406
Husam-ud-Din Hoshang Shah 1406–1435
Taj-ud-Din Muhammad Shah 1435–1436

The Khalji dynasty (1436–1531)

Ala-ud-Din Mahmud Shah I 1436–1469
Ghiyas-ud-Din Shah 1469–1500
Nasir-ud-Din Shah 1500–1510
Shihab-ud-Din Mahmud Shah II 1510–1531

The interregnum

Bahadur Shah 1531 – 1537
Humayun (Mughal emperor) 1535–1540

The later rulers

Shuja’at Khan 1537 – 1542
Isa Khan 1542 – 1545
Shuja’at Khan 1545 – 1552
Baz Bahadur 1555 – 1561/2

Malwa Sultan Coins

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Malwa Sultan

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