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In 1451 AD, the kingdom of Delhi passed into the hands of Bahlol Lodi, who founded a new dynasty. As the issues of silver and gold negatives dwindled to a small number, Bahlol Lodi decided to do away with them altogether and rely solely on billon and copper coinage. The coins of the Lodi rulers – Bahlol, Sikandar and Ibrahim – alike bear al-Mutwaqal Ali (Believe in the Merciful One), the issuer's name and mint Delhi on one side and fi Zaman Amin al-Momnin (In the reign of the Commander of the Faithful), Khaldad Khilabat (May his empire endure forever) and Date on the other side. The coins bearing their inscriptions and inscriptions bear a close resemblance to those of the Sharki kings of Jaunpur, with whom they were at constant war.

In 1526 AD, Ibrahim Lodi was overthrown and killed at Panipat Maidan by Babar who established the Mughal dynasty on Indian soil. But his rule was really nothing but a military occupation. His successor Humayun's position in the first years of his reign was even more unstable.

Sikandar Lodi Coin

Sikandar Lodi

Metal : Billion

Price 450 + Shipping 70

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Sikandar Lodi coin
Sikandar Lodi coin

Metal: Bullion

Price: 450 + Shipping 70

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