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In 1394 AD, Mahmud II Tughlaq's minister, Khwaja-i-Jahan, was appointed governor of the eastern provinces of the Delhi Empire with the title of Malik-us-Sharq. He took advantage of the anarchy in the capital and declared independence but he does not appear to have issued coins in his name. He left the throne to his adopted son Mubarak Shah; But the prince died soon and his brother Ibrahim Shah succeeded him in 1400AD. Mahmud Shah (1440 - 56AD), Muhammad Shah (1456-58AD) and Hussain Shah (1458-76 AD) ruled in succession until Hussain Shah was deposed by Bahlol Lodi in 1476AD. He took refuge in Bihar, where he continued to make efforts to recover his kingdom till his death.

Gold, silver, billon and copper coins were issued by these sultans. Most of the coinage consists of the last two metals. Gold Ibrahim, Mahmood and Hussain were attacked. Ibrahim followed the pattern of the Sultans of Delhi and Bengal. The latter type was followed by his successors. The reverse inscription used by Ibrahim and Mahmud runs fi-Zaman al-Imam Naib Ameer-al-Momnin Abul-Fath (Deputy of the Commander of the Faithful during the reign of the Supreme Leader of Islam). Husain omits the world naib (deputy) from his coins. The king's name is set in the Tughra script with the title al-Wasiq Ba-Tayid al-Rahman (or Allah) on the reverse. Silver coins were issued by Ibrahim and Mahmud, but are very rare. Coins of the common billon type of all rulers bear the same obverse with the date in numerals Al-Khilafat Ameer-al-Momnin Khaldad Khilafat (Caliph, Commander of the Faithful; May His Khilafat Endure). The reverse gives only the king's name on the coins of Ibrahim and the genealogy on the coins of his successors. The coins do not bear the name of the mint, but a coin in the British Museum is said to bear the name Jaunpur. Silver and gold coins follow in weight of 180 grains and bullion 140 grains. Copper coins are of the same weight and are issued in half and quarter.

Jaunpur Sultanate Rulers List

Malik Sarwar Year : 1394 - 1399

Malik Qaranfal Year : 1399 - 1402

Ibrahim Khan Year: 1402 - 1440

Mahmud Khan Year: 1440 - 1457

Bhi Khan Year: 1457 - 1458

Hussain Khan Year: 1458 - 1479

Jaunpur Sultan Coins

Hussain Shah Jaunpur Sultan coin
Hussain Shah

1 Tanka - Hussain Shah Jaunpur Sultan

Metal: Billon

Weight: 10.0

Diameter : 20 mm

Thickness: 4.25 mm

Price 400 + Shipping 70

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Shams-ud-din Ibrahim Shah coin
Shams-ud-din Ibrahim Shah Coin

1/2 Tanka - Shams-ud-din Ibrahim Shah

Metal: Copper

Price 450 + Shipping 70

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½ Tanka - Nasir Al-Din Mahmud Shah
½ Tanka - Nasir Al-Din Mahmud Shah

½ Tanka - Nasir Al-Din Mahmud Shah

Metal: Copper

Price 450 + Shipping 70

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