2 Rupees IX Asian Games Coin Value

2 Rupees IX Asian Games Commemorative Coin were minted by the Indian government during the year 1982.  These coins were minted in the alloy of copper nickel. It is Round in shape. Note that the official weight of this coin is 8.0 grams and the thickness is 2 mm. The diameter is 28mm.

The 2 Rupees IX Asian Games coin holds a special place in the hearts of numismatists and sports enthusiasts alike. Issued to commemorate the 9th Asian Games held in New Delhi in 1982, this coin is not just a piece of currency, but a symbol of the spirit of sportsmanship and unity.

With a mintage of over 20 million, the 2 Rupees IX Asian Games coin is not particularly rare, but its historical significance and cultural value make it a desirable addition to any coin collection. The obverse of the coin features the emblem of the Asian Games, surrounded by the inscription "IX ASIAN GAMES 1982" in English and Hindi. The reverse bears the denomination "2" and the national emblem of India, the Ashoka Lion Capital.

In terms of value, the 2 Rupees IX Asian Games coin is generally not considered a high-value coin. Its worth is typically determined by its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. While circulated coins may only hold a modest collector's value, coins in pristine condition or those with specific minting errors can fetch higher prices in the numismatic market.

For those interested in adding the 2 Rupees IX Asian Games coin to their collection, it's essential to consider its historical significance and the condition of the specific coin in question. Many collectors seek out coins from significant events such as the Asian Games, and the emotional and historical value attached to these coins can often outweigh their monetary worth.

Whether you're a seasoned numismatist or a casual collector, the 2 Rupees IX Asian Games coin is a piece of history that offers a glimpse into India's rich cultural and sporting heritage. Its modest denomination belies its cultural significance, making it a noteworthy addition to any collection.

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2 Rs IX Asian Games Main Features

Period : 1982

Metal: Copper Nickel

Weight: 8.0 gram

Size: 28mm

Thickness: 2mm

Shape : Round

Edge : Security

Release Date : 19-11-1982

Circulation Date : 1983

Obverse: The face of the coin features the lion head of the Ashoka Pillar below with "Satya Meva Jayate", the word "Barth" in Hindi in the upper left periphery and the word "India" in the upper right periphery. In English. It has the value "2" in international numerals below the lion capital in the lower left periphery with the word "Rupee" in Hindi and the word "Rupees" in the lower right periphery in English.

2 Rs IX Asian Games

Reverse: symbol in the middle. The name of the host city (Delhi) is in the lower margin. The year of publication is enclosed in international numbers below. The English legend "IX Asian Game" is in the right periphery. The Hindi legend "नवम शीय खेल" is located in the left periphery.

2 Rupees IX Asian Games

Mumbai Mintage:

Price : F : 10 to 15 VF : 20 to 24 XF: 25 to 30 UNC: 45 to 52

Kolkata Mintage: 1,46,00,000

Price : F : 10 to 15 VF : 20 to 24 XF: 25 to 30 UNC: 40 to 52


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